Dear Visitor!

The First World War not only defined all of the 20th century, but it did cast a shadow on the new century. It may not be exaggerated to say: the world, which surrounds us, as a matter of fact, was born in 1914. The recollection of the bloody fight is still characterized by “wartime logic”, interpretations springing from it, related to it: winners and losers. Aggressor and victim. Democratic and dictatorial.

The wartime world was built on contrasts. Europe and Hungary within it has set the aims to cooperate, and as we know, the past does not interpret itself but the present interprets the past. Therefore, we believe that it is worth to re-evaluate our past and attempt to look for the aspects which perceive the conflicts a hundred years earlier not in the duality of winners and losers.

With the exhibition A New World Was Born, the First World War Centennial Committee has set this aim above for itself. We are asking for your help and contribution. Please help our work with your proposals, remarks as we would like our past to become the part of our identity and not just an alien and obligatory ritual of commemoration.

Kind regards,

Dr. Mária Schmidt

Director General of the House of Terror Museum,
Member of the First World War Centenary Memorial Committee,
Director General of the Institute of the Twentieth Century

Hall of Heroes

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